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There are two types of accommodation available at Wadi Rum, camping and bed and breakfast. Campers can choose either the 'wild campsites', which are without facilities and visitors must bring their own tents and equipment, or alternatively, there are Bedouin-style campsites with all facilities and entertainment. Bed and breakfast facilities are available in Rum Village.

Camping trips can be arranged by various companies in Amman or Aqaba, who can tailor your trip according to your requirements and size of group. They can also supply transport (4x4 vehicles), guides, camels, food and equipment. For more information contact the Visitors' Centre.

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The black Bedouin tents are made from goat's hair and are woven by the Bedouin women on handmade looms in strips of up to 40m long. During the dry summer the fabric appears to have many gaps and holes, which actually allow the air to circulate and keep the tents cool. During the winter months, when the fabric becomes wet, it shrinks and the holes close up, making the tents warm and watertight.